Final Expense/Medicare

Get in front of prospects actively searching for Final Expense and Medicare related insurance. These prospects filled out a long form requesting more information about burial coverage or Medicare related products and services. High converting leads with low cost acquisitions.

Spanish Leads

Get in front of Spanish speaking prospects actively searching for Medicare or Final Expense. These prospects filled out a form requesting more information or a quote for burial insurance or Medicare. We only offer Spanish leads for Medicare and Final Expense at this time.

Property & Casualty

Get in front of prospects actively searching for property and casualty insurance. These are long form leads requesting a quote for insurance coverage. These may include commercial insurance policies. High converting leads with low cost acquisitions. Usually statewide targeting.

Insurance Lead Generation


Over 200,000 leads generated with 30-40 percent conversion rates since 2018. We are a social media lead generation company focusing on affordable high quality leads.

We are a company owned and operated by the #1 sales agent in the Midwest. We understand the struggle and how difficult the sales industry can be. Our customer service is the best in the business. We know our clients and develop long lasting relationships.

Lead generation is nothing new to sales agents. It's always changing and staying ahead of the curve is important for every agent. High intent long form leads with low cost acquisitions and real time prospects can be delivered directly to your agency crm or email.

You will receive the following information when prospects inquire about your services. Full name, phone number, email, street address (city/state/zip code) and date of birth. Your information will also be included so the prospect has the option to contact you directly. Campaigns are usually approved within 12 hours of submitting.

We offer exchanges for bad phone numbers or out of territory leads. All new agent orders will receive 5 free leads with their first purchase.


medicare and final expense leads

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