What We do and Who We Are

We are a small lead generation company based in the United States. Since our inception in 2018 we have generated over 150,000 leads with proven conversions of 30-40 percent. Agents, businesses and individuals use our services for a reason.  


How are leads generated?

We operate and own over 15 websites constantly filtering information and targeting. We use all major search engines (pay per click) advertising, social media and other online based platforms to generate quality real-time leads. 


How long will it take for me to receive the leads?

You will receive the lead in real time. The lead is sent to your email or CRM immediately after verification.


How do I receive FREE Leads?

Just make a purchase. You will receive 5 free leads. If you purchase 10, you receive 15. This applies to new clients and customers only. 


Is another company receiving the same lead?

Leads are exclusive. If you receive a lead and the information is incorrect, we offer an exchange. Your leads are never sold to another agent or client. Our number one source of advertising is from our current customers. 

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